Why Doctors Purchase the ExtenTrac® Elite M3D®

"I like being able to apply my skills rather than being a technician.

To apply treatments specifically, to fine tune decompression to the disc in question - to apply what I feel the patient needs. Freedom to laterally position the patient and decompress in the supine or prone position makes all the difference in the world!

Hands-on or computerized treatment - however you need it.

Palpate, under long axis decompression, feel and view the pounds of force being applied, to feel the interspinous space being opened and decompressed - to go as far as I need to go." - Dr. Michael J. D'Arienzo

Practitioner Testimonials

"I spent months researching the various decompression machines on the market. The one which far impressed me over all the rest in terms of quality of construction, versatility, and customer support was the ExtenTrac® Elite made by Advanced Back Technologies Inc. It is the only machine available today that I am aware of that allows for a virtually-infinite number of possible patient positions to accommodate each individuals needs.

Rather than embracing a shake-and-bake method of treatment administration, the ExtenTrac® Elite with M3D® technology (multi-directional disc decompression) requires the clinician to use his knowledge, judgment,and skill to formulate a specific treatment protocol that is as unique to each patient as each patient's pathology is to their spine. The result is greater patient comfort and superior outcomes....The machine is a marvel of innovation and is made using the highest quality components available today." - Dr. S.

Physical Therapist

"Clinicians are constantly searching for and attempting to develop methodologies for safe and successful alleviation of pain in treating specific low back conditions. Therefore, I would like to address one conation... disc pathology/ The ExtenTrac allows the professional to empower the patient to become an active partner in this therapy. By using the ExtenTrac and instituting a medically approved regimen in conjunction with modalities and corrective exercises, patients are able to obtain measurable improvement."- Lloyd R. Stein, Physical Therapist

Patient Testimonials

"As an athlete, I have subjected my body to rigorous training activities in order to stay on top of my game. Throughout my career with the style of play that I emphasize, I have put a lot of strain on my lower back area. Over the years, I have tried numerous types of treatments from chiropractic, physical therapy, myofascial therapy, acupuncture and other decompression tables in order to keep my body in peak physical condition.

Even though I felt relief for short periods of time with the other apparatuses including traction and new decompression tables, I have felt the most sustained relief using the Extentrac® Elite. It has given me the ability to put my body back into proper alignment so that I can continue to condition at a high level of training necessary to sustain maximum performance of my sport." - Steve Webb, NHL Player

"Thank you for referring me for ExtenTrac® treatments. You were absolutely correct in your belief that I had reached a point in treatment which required traction and extension of my spine in order to alleviate the extreme damage to my lower back (discs and sciatica problem). I am pleased to report my remarkable recovery. Using Extentrac┬« to treat my injury, has resulted in my ability to stand erect and to no longer experience pain in my right hamstring area." - Stanley Rochelle, Satisfied Patient