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  • Wisconsin

    Please let me know if there is a extentrac in my area. I live in Eau Claire, WI 54701

    Thank You,

  • Illinois

    I live in Galesburg Illinois, it is approximately one hour from Peoria Illinois and the Quad cities in Iowa. I am looking for information on the closest doctor who would have the M3D.


  • Florida

    Dear Extentrac,

    I would appreciate the location, name, address and phone number of the ExtenTrac doctors in the state of Florida. More specifically in the West Palm Beach area.

    Thank You.

  • Anaheim, California

    Hello I got this email address from your website. I am trying to locate a doctor in my area, or close to, that uses this treatment. I have Sciatic pain. I live in the City of Anaheim, California located in the lower Los Angeles area.

    Can you email me information on where to locate closest Dr.?


  • London

    Hi there, My Name is Azeem im 26yrs old & live in london i work at heathrow airport as driver/ loader & suffering with sciatica which is affecting my normal day of life, My doctor has been giving me pain killers referred me to physio & also visited chiropractic which has helped me a little bit, i have read & watched videos of the M3D machine technolgy & wanted to know if i should come to united states & have the treatment done? my medical history is very good & could get medical reports from my doctor, so please advise me what is the best possible way for me to have this treatment done i would appreciate it if you can help me & reply back to me as this would me alot to me, thank you so much for your time & help.


  • Manhattan

    Dear Doctor:

    My patient demonstrated a thinning L1-L2 disc on a recent lumbar x-ray. She indicated that she would like to pursue spinal decompression to help re-hydrate that disc during her stay in N.Y. and that she would be contacting your office.

    Thank You,

  • Michigan

    48911--lansing michigan advise nearest please.

  • ST. Louis, Missouri

    I'm suffering from herniated disk and sciatica from a long time. I want to check if you can tell me a doctor in St. Louis, Missouri using M3D. It looks like a nice machine. I'll really appreciate your help.

    Kind Regards,

  • Miami, Florida

    Hello, I was watching the Machine in your Site. I live in Miami Beach, Florida. Please send me the Doctor list.

    Thank You

  • Olympia, Washington


    I recently found a video on youtube advertising your system and proceeded to your website to find a doctor's office that employs your system and it only gave me the option to contact you directly.

    So, if there is any way that you can determine if a doctor near where I live carries this, I'd appreciate having that information.

    My name is Sean and I would like to learn a little more, as I need help with my spine that chiropractic care has not seem to suffice.

    Thank you very much.

  • Roseville, California

    Looking for doctors in:

    Roseville, California, Granite Bay, California or Rocklin, California

  • West Palm, Florida

    Dear Extentrac,

    I would appreciate the location, name, address and phone number of the ExtenTrac doctors in the state of Florida. More specifically in the West Palm Beach area.

    Thank You.

  • California

    I would like to get the phone number of any doctor in my area who work with that machine please let me know thank you.

  • Philadelphia

    Do you have any doctors in the pildelphia area using your system?

  • San Diego, California


    I am interested in finding a Doctor, I live in San Diego CA 92118, can you help me please?


  • New Jersey

    I am looking for a doctor in my area that uses the Extentrac® Elite. I am located in Avenel, NJ.....area code 07001. Thank you.

    Robert D

  • Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hello, I'm looking for a doctor in the Cincinnati area or around the 45040 zip code. Are there any? Thanks

  • Mississippi

    I was looking for a machine in or near Mississippi. I am about two hours south of Memphis.

    Thank you,
    Chris S

  • Kansas City


    Could you please email me a list of doctors in the Kansas City or Lawrence, KS area that have Extentrac?

    Thank you,
    Nikki B

  • Brownsville, Texas

    I'm very interested with this treatment because i have problems with my spinal cord or sciatica i'm 52 year old and my daughter has the same problem too. i have almost 30 years with the pain. hope you can help me thank you.

  • Sarajevo, Bosnia


    I am writing from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two years ago I had an accident and my beck was injured. Two days ago I had a pain and I couldn't stand on my legs. At the hospital Doctors made CT analyzes and discovered that I have hernia disci L3/L4 left and L4/L5 medial, they suggest me urgent surgery, since medication doesn't helping me. I found on Internet your website and about this system. Can you tell me where I can be treated with this system. Does it exist in any Clinic in Europe and where? Please help. If doesn't exist in Europe, where can it be done in U.S. and how much does it cost this therapy.

  • Tuscon, Arizona


    I am a patient interesting in trying your technology (the Extentrac® Elite for disk herniation) at a clinic in or near Tucson Arizona. Could you provide me with a list of doctors who use your machine?

    Thank you

  • Brazil

    Hi, I would like to find a doctor with this technology in Brazil, if possible, Rio de Janeiro.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you..

    Thank you

    Maiworm, Adriana

  • Egypt

    I am living in Egypt please send the nearest clinic to my country . Thanks

  • India

    Thank you very much for your immediate response. I am suffering from central and right paracentral focal protrusion of the L%-S1 intervertebral disc. Please do ask your distributor in India to let me know as an when M3D certified doctor is there in India.

    With regards,

  • Munich, Germany

    Do you have a certified doctor clinic in Germany in the Munich area


  • Florida

    I live in Jacksonville FL there a facility in Florida?

  • Canada

    Hi, my mother has really bad sciatica. We live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Where can my mother get treatment from an extentrac certified doctor, using the extentrac machine, in or around my city?

    Thank you for your help,
    Adam W

  • Richmond, VA

    Hi, I am a football player in college. I have been diagnosed with 3 bulging and 3 herniated discs that are giving me severe sciatica. Over the years of playing football I acquired all 6 of them, but the latest one is the first time I have had the sciatica. I tried regular decompression therapy at my chiropractor, but it did not work. I found out about the M3D technology and I was very interested. However I can not find a clinic utilizing the ExtenTrac® Elite multi-purpose therapeutic device. I go to school near Richmond, VA and was wondering if there is a clinic close to my location. Please let me know if there is.

    Thank you,
    Chris R

  • Palm Beach, FL

    Please provide doctor infomraion close to Zip Code: 33417.

    I have Cigna HMO insurance.

  • Croatia, Europe

    Hello from Europe, Croatia. I have herniated disc, and a lot of pain, and would like to find your extentrac machine. Is anybody in Europe have your machine?

    Please help
    Mario Lacic

  • New Jersey

    I am seeking an MD who has the ExtenTrac. I have severe cervical and lumbar disc/spinal cord problems as a result of an auto accident. I used the maximum allowable Chiropractic so my insurance will not authorize treatment at any chiropractic center. Can you provide the name of a medical doctor in New Jersey who has this technology?

    My Neurosurgeon suggested I try the DRX 9000 or the Exten Trac.

  • United Kingdom

    I live in the UK. I don't know if this technology is available here. What I want to know is this. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis. Is the extentrac techonlogy suitable for this condition.

  • Canada

    Hi There

    I'm a patient with sciatica & a terrible leg pain & sometimes I got the pain in my back.

    I'm interested to get the treatment, could you let me know where can I get it? you have any distributor in canada or mexico, even USA.

    Its urgent for me to get this important information asap.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Clifton, New Jersey

    Can you please send me a list of doctors near Clifton NJ 07013?

    Thank you,

  • Bangalore, India

    I am in Bangalore, India.

    I would like to know the nearest location of a doctor offering the treatment utilizing your equipment.

    I am going to be in Toronto, Canada. area for about 3 weeks in late July and early August, if there is a doctor in that area.

    Andy P

  • Portugal

    Dear Sirs.

    I'm a 21 year old boy with low back pain because of a disc degeneration (discopathy) L4-L5.

    I'm in pain for more than a year and half and I don't know what to do anymore. When I saw the video about Extentrac® Elite I thought that I had to leave with pain no more.

    I'm a Portuguese citizen. What do I have to do to be treated with Extentrac® Elite?

    I really need your help

    I look forward to your reply.

  • Chicago, Illinois

    We live near chicago il, and we want to know what is the closest clinic you have. Or just a list of clinics in the states so that we pick the most covenient.

    Juan F.

  • Australia


    Can you please advise if there are any clinics or practioners/doctors in Australia, more specifically in Melbourne, that have your Extentrace M3D system?


  • UAE, Dubai

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My name is Suribabu. I am suffering with sayatic pain from 7 years , can you please give me the details which clinic is using your 3md technology in UAE(DUBAI)

    Kindly do the needful. please...

    Thanks & Regards,


  • Netherlands

    I am suffering severe lower back pain, and would like to ask if you have any knowledge to wether your method is practised in the netherlands or beligium